Cold Wax

What is CWM?

Cold wax medium is a medium composed mainly of beeswax with a small amount of solvent and other ingredients to aid in drying time, for use with oil paint. It has a soft, paste-like consistency.

What are the differences between cold wax and encaustic?

The main similarity is that both CWM and encaustic medium contain beeswax. However, CWM is used at room temperature, while encaustic involves heated wax. There are many other differences. For a full explanation please click here.

Why use CWM?

It extends and adds body, aids in drying time, increases transparency and workability, does not require the special ventilation and set up of encaustic, and allows the artist to build up textural effects and layers. Using CWM also allows the oil painter to dispense with concerns about traditional lean-to-fat rules for building up paint layers.

How can I get started using CWM in my paintings?

CWM is a very freeing medium so you do not have to worry about a lot of the oil painting rules you may have learned in the past. Just take reasonable safety precautions as you would for any work with oil paint, solvent etc. For ideas on how to get started, browse this site and the interactive site If you are interested in taking a workshop, click here.

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